Slow Going

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, hasn’t it? With the issues my desktop computer has been having, it’s been harder to get work done, so I haven’t really set any time aside for making blog posts. I’ll try to change that soon. I’d love to start regularly posting screenshots and updates from the prototype I’ve been working on!

I’ve also been meaning to post the sales numbers for May, but I’ll probably put that off until the end of the month and discuss them along with June’s sales numbers. The abridged version of the report is that there were a little less than 20 copies sold during the month of May, most of them during the 33% off sale. I don’t know the exact numbers (my sales spreadsheet is on my desktop; I’m posting this on my laptop), but I think as of today the games has about 44 or 45 sales across all retailers. It totals about US$325 altogether. I haven’t hit the “payout” amount on any retailer yet, so I still haven’t seen a dollar from the game.

Also, as of today there are 1,203 up-votes for Another Star on Steam Greenlight, which is 23% of the way to the top 100. If haven’t yet, please vote for the game to get it on to Steam!

2 thoughts on “Slow Going

  1. I’m curious how high the actual payout amount is.

    So you can only take the money once you hit a certain amount but you will still get all the money (minus the percentage the retailer takes)?

    1. The payout amount varies by retailer. Humble is $250, IndieGameStand is $100, FireFlower Games is (normally) $100*, and Desura is a whopping $500**.

      *FireFlower Games in this case is moot, because I have a quarterly agreement with them, which means I get paid every three months regardless of how much the game made instead of getting paid every month, but only once the game hits $100.

      **Desura does allow you to make a withdrawl before you hit the $500 amount by contacting them directly, but my understanding is this is only allowed once per year. (I’d have to check my contract to see for sure.)

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