New in Version 2

I teased in my last post that something new was added to version 2 of Another Star. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m willing to adjust the balance of the game post-release to “get it right”, and this new thing was created exactly for that purpose. Here it is in action:

The new item being used in battle.

Version 2 introduces a new item called a “Watcher’s Eye”. When used in battle, the Watcher’s Eye reveals the weaknesses of enemies. Before, the only way to discover this was through trial and error. Reading some initial player impressions, I felt that many players were having difficulty with later battles because they weren’t exploiting enemy’s weaknesses as well as they could have, especially when they didn’t know there were two extra elements (light and dark) that the party can really only access through scrolls. Hopefully this will improve that by making combat more fun and fluid, although I’m a bit worried that it will make a certain mid-to-late game boss too easy.

That will just be too bad, though.