Words cannot express just how frustrated I am right now.

Another Star is close to completion. Very close. In fact, it would probably be finished Wednesday if I worked feverous extended hours on it (as I had planned to). But that’s not going to happen. Yes, the move tossed a huge spanner into the works and threw everything off, but in the end it’s really my own fault.

The problem is that in order to release the game I need retailers and/or a payment processor to sell the game through. Alas, I waited too long to contact any of them. The only place I’ve heard back from in the past week or so only contacted me to let me know for sure they were passing on it. Thus, it doesn’t really matter if the game was finished today. There’s just not enough time to get everything worked out with these places with enough time left over to get the build to them to have it uploaded and ready by Wednesday.

I’m really not sure when I’m releasing now. I’m hoping to have it out before the end of the month, but I’m getting really tired of missing release dates so I’m not even going to hazard a guess at it now. And here I was all ready to celebrate on Wednesday, too.

At least there is some good news, though: I should have a playable demo up sometime Wednesday. This will be a good chance to stress test the game and make sure it runs on your system.

I’m really sorry everyone. I promised a release date set and stone, and once again I’ve let you down.

6 thoughts on “Delay

  1. I don’t know, maybe this isn’t the worst thing. It might be a good thing to get a demo out and talk to people on various gaming sites/social media about the game to get some buzz going. What distribution sites have you tried so far?

    1. I’d prefer not to say until I’ve at least heard back from some of them. The only one I’ll say for sure is Valve. At this time I can neither afford nor justify the $100 for what amounts to a lottery ticket. Maybe later, if the game doesn’t completely bomb.

  2. Yeah, it takes quite a while if you want to get your products sold on the bigger retailers. Via which means do you want to sell it anyway? I personally like Humble Store (and Humble Widget) most, but Gamersgate is also nice (especially for European distribution).

    1. Retailers I expected a delay on. However, I was planning to sell the game directly through the site as well. In order to do that I need a place that handles the actual sale/payment processing, unless I want to just go through PayPal like I have in the past (but PayPal tends to be trigger happy about freezing and/or seizing accounts; many software payment processors also accept a wider range of countries than just PayPal alone).

      I haven’t heard back from them either, though.

      1. Isn’t the main benefit of Humble Widget that it saves you a lot of the trouble with PayPal?

        1. Yes, which is why I’d prefer to go with a service like Humble than try to do it myself.

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