Graphics Overhaul Preview

I’ve been hard at work trying to get Another Star ready for release. Part of that entails making sure the game looks its absolute best.

Comparison of Tachi's old and new sprites.

Tachi looks more like his promotional art now.

As discussed in my last post, I’ve been toying with the idea of abolishing the self-imposed 256 tile limit. I haven’t decided for sure one way or the other, but I have been making new sprites to test out the waters.

Comparison of the original graphics and the possible updated graphics.

It’s quite a difference!

What does everyone else think? Is the improvement enough to follow up on?

3 thoughts on “Graphics Overhaul Preview

  1. Tachi’s sprite – clear improvement.

    Forest picture – um that doesn’t just look like a graphical improvement but rather that you changed the whole game from “intentional nostalgia” to “let’s make it as good as I can”. Which one is better strongly depends on who are you aiming the game at.

    I kind of liked the game’s nostalgia feeling even including all upper-case letters. On the other hand I wouldn’t mind those “improved graphics” either.

  2. That’s a tough question! If I hadn’t played the game before I wouldn’t even know what to take. In Half-Minute Hero I would always prefer the retro style, but that’s also because I don’t like the HD style at all in that game.

    As I’ve already played Another Star in retro look however, it’s more likely I’d play with the improved style.

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