The Joy of Marking Things Off Lists

One of my to-do lists for Another Star.

Click here to view larger version.

As I work on Another Star, I keep a notebook close buy to jot down the various things I need to remember to do. Scripts that have to be written, NPCs that have to be placed, bugs that need to be fixed, features that need to be added. They all go into the list.

And then, one-by-one, I mark them off. One-by-one list items get addressed, and bit-by-bit the game become more complete and more polished. As frustrating as it is to have a reminder setting in front of me while I work that the game is not yet finished, I really like it when I start to run out of room on the sheet of paper like this. Every time I have to turn to a clean page and begin a new list, it’s a reminder that I’m getting that much closer to completion.

(See that blurred area? That’s a planning layout of one of the dungeons. Guess you’ll have to find the hidden treasures on your own!)