No More Time Limit

“Leaking” a development version of my own game seems to have been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Sure, now the first half of the game’s plot is spoiled and people get to see all my sloppy typos and balancing issues in this early version, but it’s all over the Internet and a lot of people who didn’t know anything about me or the project are really excited about playing the full game in the near future. I usually dream absurdly big and yet this “leak” has gone even better than I imagined. All sorts of indie sites have covered the game, among them both giants like and smaller blogs like It’s also popped up on a few different forums I know absolutely nothing about, and someone was even nice enough to post two different threads on Reddit.

After meeting with such success, I’ve decided not to remove the download link like I was planning to do. You and your friends can play the buggy in-development version of the game to your heart’s content for all eternity! Grab it here:

Maybe it will continue to spread like a bad cold across the world?