Enemy Encounter Rate

Screenshot from Another Star

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Another Star‘s approach to letting the player skip random battles brings up an excellent question: how many battles should a player have to fight in order to stay properly leveled up? RPGs mechanics are harder to balance than one might think, and this is no exception.

Here’s a good rule of thumb to remember once you get your hands on (the final, properly balanced version of) the game: when first entering and traveling through a screen, accept every encounter you get. When backtracking through the screen later to find other routes or treasure, then you can ignore encounters without worrying too much about falling behind. For the most part the game is being balanced in such a way that you should be good to go with very little grinding (if any at all) so long as you keep this in mind.

But, like many things in Another Star, this only works if you actually take the time to explore. If you just rush from objective to objective, regardless of whether or not you accept every encounter, you’ll probably start having trouble with bosses—and even the tougher normal battles. If all you want to do is experience the story, consider changing the growth rate to “High” so that you’ll get more experience and money from each individual battle.

Everybody has their own playstyle, though, so don’t be afraid to “break” this rule of thumb no matter the settings you’ve chosen. Maybe you’d rather explore first and then grind a little later? It’s really up to you. Just make sure you’re strong enough to withstand forced encounters. The closer you get to your goal, the stronger the enemies are liable to be…