Sketchbook Monday #79

Yes, I said I would cancel this, but if there’s one thing harder for me than finishing something, it’s giving it up. Why those two things don’t cancel each other out is beyond me, unfortunately. 🙁

sketchConcept art for a random side-scrolling game I had an idea for. The character can switch between a long-range attack (here a rifle) and short-range melee attack (here a sword). Two two designs are male and female versions of the hero. Beyond this and a sketch of the jump pose, nothing ever came of it. Honestly, I have enough unfinished ideas as it is. Why can I not think small?

sketchConcept art for Under a Different Moon.

sketchMore concept art for Under a Different Moon. The design for this character’s armor was largely scrapped and redone.

sketchThe most ambitious concept art for Under a Different Moon! The finished version of this is is meant to be the “cover art” that will appear on the main page of the site once it goes up. That idea may change, though, considering many of these characters don’t appear until late in the narrative, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to their designs until I get to doing the art for their first appearances.