Sketchbook Monday #64

Missed two weeks in a row there. I’d say I was losing it, but I often miss Sketchbook Monday. ;_;

sketchPlenty of concept art for Project Legion today which, as you might guess, is primarily what I’ve been working on as of late. Here’s a sketch of the main hero. The idea was that each unit class have a unique head shape that quickly identifies them on screen, and–taking that even further–that the head shape actually be something related to that class. For example, the archers’ heads would look like an arrowhead when viewed and profile and, as you can see, the hero’s head would be shaped like a star. After toying around with it awhile, I’ve largely dropped the concept. In practice a lot of the characters’ heads are obscured by others in-game anyway, and honestly it would make for some pretty wild hair, hats, and head accessories that I’m not so sure I could pull off without looking completely stupid.

sketchJust to drive the point home.

sketchA more recent sketch of the hero.

sketchAn early concept sketch of a villain (perhaps the villain?). I like to try and not create the same kind of antagonist in every story I come up with, so I make this guy a lot rounder than Warlord Keaton in Swordmaster Odyssey.

sketchAnd here he is, with more realistic proportions, in a close-up.