Sketchbook Monday #43

Oh, wow! What’s this? Sketchbook Monday is on time? It’s unheard of! There’s not supposed to be anything here until the last minute!

sketchAren’t they cute? Aren’t they very cute? Well… I think so. I’ll have to find something to use them for! The one on the left is a girl, and the one on the right is a boy. They seem to like pretending that they are heroic warriors.

sketchAnd here they are again, with a bit more polish–and feet.

sketchIccari, yet again. At one point in his journey, he is given a wooden practice sword as a gift. Under a curse that prevents him from even lifting anything made out of metal, he practices hard using this wooden sword in hopes that one day he can lift the curse.

sketchGym shorts! 😀