Iccari Concept Art

Forgot to put this up here ealier.

Iccari the ElftailIt’s Iccari, who’s shown up in a Sketchbook Monday or two. Had the urge to toy around with his design a bit in color.

Did this concept piece to test a painting style I want to use for the illustrations in a story. Only problem is, it turned out nothing like the painting style I want to use. 😛 I want a very light and low-contrast look to it, almost like a watercolor. Guess I’ll have to keep trying–not that I don’t like this piece, of course!

Lineart done with just a simple #2 pencil with some slight modifications in the computer. Painted using Photoshop CS.

Oh, and speaking of Sketchbook Monday, I should have that up in a couple of hours.