Concerning the Store

You may have noticed that you can’t buy anything from the Vision Riders Store right now. The digital download sales for individual chapters of Swordmaster Odyssey have been pretty dismal thus far, so we decided to halt production of them. They’ll be replaced with a full “books” of chapters in the future. Hopefully this will prove to be a better deal for you, since that seems to be what most people want instead of downloading the chapters one at a time. The new digital download packs will include new commentary that’s easier to follow and, hopefully, more insightful.

If you’ve already purchased one of the digital download packs, you’ll get a discount on the Book 1 download pack when it comes out. Just email your original order number to us and wait for instructions.

As a side effect of low sales numbers and the removal of the old download packs, we’ve had to bring back banner ads on the Swordmaster Odyssey page. They’re annoying, I know, but they do generate a small amount of income that can help pay for hosting the site.

I would like to do T-shirts in the near future–if only because I want one! 😉 If you have any suggestions for what kind of T-shirt you’d be interested in, feel free to contact us or simply leave a comment on the blog.

By the way, I hope to have time on Thursday to talk a little bit about our upcoming project, “Procyon“.