The Scanner Says “Buzzzz…”

I use an entry-level professional art scanner for Vision Riders, purchased for the mere fact that it was the only 11×17 flatbed scanner that was within the company’s budget at the time. Weighs a half a ton (well, almost) but it has a wonderful scan quality and, of course, it’s big! However, it is now the only scanner hooked up to my computer and, even scanning in low resolution, this thing is SLOW. S-L-O-W! Normally, this isn’t a problem. Swordmaster Odyssey pages come into my system at 600dpi, and I only need two or three at a time.

But for animation, where I need to scan many sheets at a time… Sheesh… It takes a great deal longer than it probably should. If I had room, I’d considering hooking up another scanner, but for the time being, I will have to learn patience (and multitasking).