What Could Have Been

Some time back I came to the conclusion that I really needed to do more color artwork (especially for Swordmaster Odyssey) that could be used for promotional purposes. I’ve been trying my best to do so, in part because everytime I ink or color something I get better at it, but also just because the company could really use it. XD

Now, I’ve noticed that almost everyone who sent a SMOdyssey survey in noted that they thought the comic needed color. So, out of curiosity and the need to generate more artwork, I took the time today to pick out a page and play “what if”. Here’s what came out:

Swordmaster Odyssey chapter 3, page 11 in full color
You can click on it for a larger view.

It actually turned out pretty well for a test, I think. The drawback? It took about three hours to paint. Considering the pages already take two to four hours (or more) a pop, that’s pretty hefty. 🙁