New Chapter 1 Title Page

Sorry for the delay, but here it is, the new title page for Chapter 1:

New Title Page for Chapter 1

As you can see, it’s more dynamic than the old one was. If I’d known how long it was between starting the project and launching the site, I wouldn’t have hurried to get the original title page done so quickly and early and it may have turned out better. Or not. Either way, I like this one better.

As previously announced, the new title page will be included in the Chapter 1 Download Pack (originally reffered to as “Chapter 1: Complete”). Below is a tentative list of things that are getting lined up for the download pack. The release date for the download pack has been pushed back to at least the end of this month since this is taking longer than I expected and I’m just lazy.

These will be included in the download pack, but will also be availible online:

– New title page
– An all new page (to bring the grand total of pages in the chapter up to an odd number)
– At least one or two of the earlier pages will be redone in order to make them look better

These will be exclusive to the download pack:

– High-resolution color version of the title page image
– High-resolution jpegs of all 23 pages
– A seperate .pdf document with all 23 pages
– Commentary for Chapter 1

Keep in mind that this is not final; we may add more to the pack, or we may end up dropping something. I’m also open to suggestions if you want to e-mail us or add a comment to this blog entry. We’re still deciding on pricing–that won’t be finalized until we know for sure what we’re going to include.

And, for those of you hoping for news on Chapter 4, it will kick off tommorow as planned, but you’ll only be getting 2 pages (including the title page). I hate to only do 2 pages, especially when starting off a chapter, but I’m falling seriously behind and, with a planned vacation coming up in a few weeks, I don’t want to have a week with only 1 page. I don’t know–maybe I’ll have to do something special instead for the week I’m gone. 😉