Drawing the Cart

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been showing the merchant family’s cart in Swordmaster Odyssey nearly as much as I should. Well, truth is, I hate drawing the thing and I honestly don’t know how I would have managed if I’d ended up sticking with the original draft of the story where there was a whole caravan of carts of all different shapes and sizes. In hind sight, this was a good thing.

Today I spent at least four hours working on a page much further on in the story than where the website is at where you had to see the entire cart to really see what’s going on. And I still have to scan the page in and clean it up, add tones, and letter it. Granted, if this was a larger operation three or four hours a page would be nothing. But considering this is a small indie webcomic where I’m trying to get four pages up a week, four hours is a long time. Hopefully things will speed up and then you won’t have to listen to me whine anymore. 😉