Chapter 3 Preview!

As promised, here’s a sample of what’s to come. These are two rough-draft “storyboard” pages done on index cards. What do you suppose is going to happen in Chapter 3? (The two pages are not back-to-back, they come from two different sections of the chapter.)

Swordmaster Odyssey rough draft preview Swordmaster Odyssey rough draft preview

If you can’t make out the text, I’ve included it below (in the order it appears on each page):

JESSIE: “I’ll consider it, but tell me why.”
KEVIN: “I need to go to the capital.”
JESSIE: “What for?”
KEVIN: “Hmm.”
KEVIN: “Can’t tell.”
JESSIE: “Count me out.”
KEVIN (out of frame): “Remember that I saw someone do that before?”
JESSIE: “Yeah…”

???: “Lord Silver, you’ve come to my aid!”
SILVER(?): “Get lost!…”
SILVER(?): “I’m sure Kevin knows why I’m here.”
KEVIN: “…”
SILVER(?): “Hmm?”
???: “?”