Vision Riders



Video Games

A vast 8-bit-console-style RPG adventure using only a single 128×128 tile sheet. Lead Tachi in his quest to recover a fallen star that is said to grant its possessor a power great enough to conquer the world. But surely the pursuit of such a power can only lead to tragedy...

Released 20th March 2014
Platforms Windows and Linux

In a reality much like our own you are Serenity Bell, a pawn in a dangeorous game played in the shadows by the governments and corporations of the world to control knowledge and power. Among the secrets they keep are the reality-warping phenomenons known simply as "junctions" where streams of time converge, opening gates between different worlds. Your son Travis has the power to influence these strange events, and there are those who would stop at nothing to take him away from you.

Release Date On Hold
Platforms Windows, Linux, and Mac

Web Comics

Swordmaster Odyssey

Jessie's older brother Angelo may be a dragoon, one the Commonwealth's highly revered protectors of peace and order, but that doesn't mean she doesn't worry about him—especially when she doesn't hear from him in nearly a year! Hoping to find news of her brother's whereabouts, Jessie sets out alone on a journey to the Outlying Provinces. But when she gets there, she finds things are not quite what they seem.

Began 2nd March 2007
Status Currently on Hiatus

Serial Novels

The story of a boy, born under a curse, who sets off on a journey in hopes of becoming a human. Along the way he encounters others in his path, some who mean to help, and some who mean to harm. His adventure is filled with good times and bad times, happiness and tragedy, triumph and failure.

Release Date One Day! Maybe!