Vision Riders


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vision Riders Entertainment?
Vision Riders is the independant small studio of myself, Dale Johnson. I work on entertainment media such as comics, animation, and video games. My work is designed primarily for an online audience, and aimed at a wide age group. You can read more about me and what I do on the About page.
Is Vision Riders really a corporation?
The company was originally formed as Vision Riders Entertainment, Inc. in the State of Texas. As of late 2010, Vision Riders is in the middle of a company restructure (and is no longer based in Texas).
How big is Vision Riders?
Not very big at all, seeing as it's a home studio. Although other people may help from time to time, it's usually just me.
Why do you use the pronoun "we" sometimes?
"We" is used when refering to the company. "I" is used to refer to whoever is writing the text (usually Dale).
I have this great idea for a series! Can I send it to you?
Sorry, but I have enough ideas of my own and don't accept unsolicited ideas for content. If you have a lot of great ideas, though, maybe you should look into creating them yourself!
Do you have an affiliate program, or participate in line exchanges?
No, sorry. Although we may feature links to other web sites, Vision Riders does not participate in any affiliate programs or link exchanges. Feel free to link to us, but please don't expect us to link back to your site because of that.
Can I interview you for a homework project/website/news journal/etc.
Sure! I'll do my best to set aside some time to speak with you one-on-one, or you can simply submit your questions by email. Contact me to get started. Please remember to state who you represent and how the interview will be used.
Do you take art commissions?
I sure do! Check out this page for the details.
Would you be willing to do a collaboration project?
Only with someone I know or am familiar with.
Is there any way that I can work for Vision Riders?
Sorry, but probably not. Vision Riders is a small studio, with limited resources to work with. When I do need someone, I generally already have someone in mind. Maybe if the company grows bigger one day that will change, but until then don't count on it.