Vision Riders


About Vision Riders Entertainment

“Vision Riders Entertainment exists in order to provide quality products and services that entertain and inspire.”

Dale's Self Portrait Hi! My name is Dale Johnson, and I like to make things!

My passion is storytelling. Art, animation, music, writing, video games—they're all exciting mediums to work in, and I love using them all to convey stories and emotion.

In February 2007 I decided to step in over my head and start a home studio that I named “Vision Riders Entertainment” to distribute my work. The world wide web was growing ever bigger, creating a new means of distribution for hobbyists, independent developers, and small studios. Anybody could publish their work with the click of a button. Although the internet had been a niche market for over a decade, it was becoming a powerful content arena, and established media companies were starting to take it seriously. It seemed like the perfect time to jump in and make a splash by using that emerging market as my primary tool to reach a growing audience. Although it's been a rough ride since the beginning, I'm still here hanging on.

I create all kinds of stuff, targeted at a wide array of ages. Vision Rider's mission is to tell entertaining stories, weave engaging experiences, and craft unforgettable characters. It's meant not only to captivate an audience, but also to stir their own creativity.

Although the company was originally meant to be focused on animation, I've since taken a detour and now focus on creating indie games. But who knows, maybe I'll be able to do some animation again in the future?