Vision Riders



Interested in getting some cool custom artwork, created just for you? Of course you are! I can do everything from sketches to digital paintings, plus all kinds of other stuff. Take a look at my past projects to get an idea of my art style.


Here's a quick overview of my pricing. Remember that these prices are only an estimate, and that I may charge extra depending on the level of detail and how busy I am at the time, but I am generally open to negotiation. Also keep in mind that the price is for a single character. Assume another 50% added to the price for each additional character.

Furthermore, these prices are for your personal, non-commercial use only. If you want something to use in a commercial project, please check the freelance work page and contact me with details about the project so I can give you an estimate.


Sketch PreviewSketch PreviewSketch Preview

Simple sketches cost about $5 for the full body. These tend to be rough, but have an appealing loose quality, and they're quick and fun to do.

3×5" Digital Colored Sketch

3x5 Colored Sketch Preview3x5 Colored Sketch Preview3x5 Colored Sketch Preview

A fun quick-and-easy commission that you can pick up for cheap. These colored digital sketchs have rough line art and bright watercolor-style shading. They cost just $10 for just the head and upper torso, or $15 for the full body.


Inking PreviewInking PreviewInking Preview

Digital inkings and hand-inked artwork is the next step up. They have much nicer line work than sketches. The cost will be about $15 for the head and upper torso, or $25 for the body. Add an extra $5 for pencil shading on hand-inked commissions, or digital black and white soft shading on either (not pictured). Hand-inked art may be cleaned up digitally to minimize smudges and “goofs”.

Colored Inkings

Color PreviewColor PreviewColor Preview

If you want inked line art with full color, it's about $30 for the head and upper torso, or $50 for the full body. Additional effects like softer shading and colored line art may cost extra.


Painting PreviewPainting PreviewPainting Preview

Digital paintings are the most difficult of all the commissions I offer because even the simplest of them tend to require a lot of attention to detail and lighting. This affects not only how much it costs, but also how long it will be until you get the commission. For just the head and upper torso, it's going to cost about $100. For the full body it's about $150.


Backgrounds PreviewBackgrounds PreviewBackgrounds Preview

You can even add a background to your commissions. Depending on the level of detail you want, expect it to double the price (or even more, if you want a very painterly background).


As you've probably guessed, I do have conditions. Be aware of these before commissioning anything from me, please.


I normally accept payment via PayPal, but if that's not available in your country please let me know ahead of time so I can arrange something else.

For more expensive commissions, I may require part of the payment up front. I'll let you know ahead of time if this is the case.

Getting Started

Still with me? Sound good so far? Great! Once you've decided what you want, send an email my way. Make sure to include your name and the specifics of what you want. Please do not send attachments without asking first or else my spam filter will probably eat your email and I'll never know you were even trying to contact me. Instead, for original characters please include a link to their design, or wait until after I specifically ask you to send their design as an attachment. We'll agree to the exact price before I get started.

How long the commission takes depends on how detailed your request is, and how busy I am with other work. If I expect it to take an unusually long time, I'll try to let you know before hand.

Once I'm done, you'll get an email with an invoice and a link to a watermarked version of the piece for approval. Minor revisions (within reason) are permitted at this stage, but being specific with your initial request is the best way to get what you're looking for. Once I have been paid in full, you'll get a link to the full, finished, high-resolution piece as a .png file.

And seriously, thanks a lot for your business!