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Timeline Prototype

This is an early prototype I did of a game called Timeline. It's somewhat similar to Civilization Revolution of all things, but incorporates a lot of ideas I feel they missed out in that game, and has a bit more of a roleplaying feel. The prototype is somewhat enjoyable up to the Stone Age, at which point the AI doesn't know what to do anymore, and there's not any implemented gameplay for cities.

The controls are fairly easy. Left-click confirms, right-click cancels. Moving units around is like in Advance Wars. Left-click on the unit, left-click on the destination, then left-click on an action. Everything else builds from there.

Click Here to Download the Game (8MB .zip file)

You'll need .NET installed on Windows to run it (or Mono on Linux and Mac; you'll probably need to run it from the command line on these platforms). For Windows, you'll also need to have OpenAL installed, even though there's not any actual sound.

Here's the installer for OpenAL (Windows only)

I think this protoype is from 2010 or 2011, but I don't remember for sure. (I did tweak this particular version to add back some features that I'd originally removed to speed up testing.) Keep in mind that this is a prototype and not a finished product. Treat it accordingly. Also, if your computer explodes, it's not my fault. Sorry.

If you enjoyed the prototype, feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you thought.






How to Play

Assorted Tips and Comments

More Artwork and Junk

Promotional art for Arthur Penndragon, the leader of the British:

Concept art of Arthur Penndragon

This was the only leader that got any completed art beyond simple sketches. You can view a larger version on DeviantArt.

I also have some sketches for Arthur and Alexander, with assorted notes.

Sketches of Arthur and Alexander

There's concept sketches for a few other leaders, but I'd have to hunt them down in old sketchbooks.

At one point I attempted a GBA Civilization "demake". Had an itty-bitty little tech tree to go with it and everything. No actual code was created for it, though.

GBA demake sprites

Speaking of tech trees, here's an overview of one pass I did at the prototype's tech tree. I got... a little carried away...

Overly complex tech tree overview

And here's a closeup of the beginning of the tree:

Beginning of the overly complex tech tree

Anyway, here's various renders of the nomad from a different attempt of the game. His texture maps could really use some more contrast. There was meant to be a female version of the nomad, too, but I never did any other unit models for the game.

Nomad unit 3d model

I've got some more art I might add here in the future, if I get around to it. And can find it, for that matter.

Additional Thoughts

This game idea has actually gone through various iterations. At different times I've wanted it to be a simple turn-based strategy game; a vast real-time building game; even a complex classic Koei-style game. I like history in general, and love games where you build things up over time, so it's only natural, I suppose.

This protoype was a direct reation to Civilization Revolution more than anything else. I liked that they simplified the complexity of the main Civilization series, and that it played out quickly, but felt that most of their design choices were abysmal and cumbersome. I also added a bunch of stuff I wanted to see in the main series.

That said, the game isn't meant to just be a Civilization clone. I wanted something unique and different, although I don't think I achieved it. (This is part of the reason why all the characters look and act like teenagers.)

As a bonus in closing, here's a screenshot from an earlier version of the prototype, when it was in XNA and 3D.


(This version was not playable. You could just scroll around the randomly generated map and that was it. None of the units were selectable.)