Majestic 12

The Official Seal of Operation Majestic Twleve

The secret government organization that you work for is known simply as “Majestic 12”, or MJ-12 for short. Formed by executive order of Harry Truman it began as a simple committee of military leaders, scientists, and government officials to investigate the aftermath of a junction in Roswell, New Mexico. Today Majestic 12 is a powerful paramilitary organization, and the United States’s primary anti-slider task force. Although they report yearly to the president and a small number of select congresspeople, they are granted the privilege to withhold information at their discretion for the purposes of plausible deniability, a privilege they routinely abuse. In order to maintain their cover many agents of the organization work under dummy corporations (such as Majority 12, Inc.) or using the names of other federal government departments (the Department of Homeland Security is a current favorite).