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It says more articles this week, but I’m opting to enjoy my vacation instead. 😉

Sorry. 🙁

In any case, my vacation ends on Monday when I have to get caught up on everything again. Bah—I was just getting comfortable with not having to work all week.

Second Annual Character Poll Results

It’s a bit discouraging to me, but here’s the results for this year:

Dale Johnson (!?!?) – 1 vote
Pyr – 1 vote
Erith – 2 votes
Kevin – 2 votes
Hayden – 3 votes
Silver – 3 votes
Jessie – 3 votes

So there you have it, a three way tie for first place. There were only thirteen votes this year, which is nearly half what there was last year. C’mon, people, if you want multiple pages per week again, you’re going to have to show some more enthusiasm. 😉

Hopefully This Doesn’t Become a Habit…

This week’s Swordmaster Odyssey update will be late on the account that I animated only half of a scene of My Brother yesterday and scanned it, forgetting that I can’t scan anything else until I’ve scanned the whole scene (or else the animation frames won’t line up right). Stupid me! I’m trying to finish clean up animation on these last frames so I can scan them and then finish up today’s page.

Late Update Again

Thanks to the fact I’ve been really sick since Wednesday, I haven’t even had a chance to ink today’s Swordmaster Odyssey page yet. I’ll try my best to have it inked, cleaned, and uploaded by tonight, but no promises. I’m feeling better and I hate to miss an update (so far, I’ve made an update every Friday since launch), but I’m still not feeling that great, truth be told.

Thank you for your understanding… And I think I need to lay down again for a bit. XD

Do Not Panic

Pages are coming, but they’re not done yet. They were supposed to be finished yesterday, but something else came up that I had to address and they never got scanned. They’ll be a little late, since I’ve been working on them since I got up and I need a break–or just really want one, rather! XD

Don’t worry, they should still be up before noon (central time).

How Does He See?

Just drawing in Thanatos’s eyebrows without any visible eyes looked much better in the original sketches I did of him than it does in ink. Wish I hadn’t have done that now… Also makes it hard to get interesting poses of him. He’s not a particuarly fun character to draw. 🙁