The Return of Let’s Draw?

Last year I did a series of Let’s Draw videos. They were kind of like Let’s Play videos, except instead of playing somebody else’s game and talking over it, I drew somebody else’s character and talked over it. Inevitably the quality of the art would suffer from trying to both draw quickly (so that the video doesn’t go on forever), and think of something interesting to say while doing it (which is much harder than I thought it would be), but it made for an interesting end product.

Originally, I settled on doing just six videos, to see how it went, but in the last video I did say I’d do six more. Of course, I never actually got around to doing them. Doh!

I might just change that, though. They were kind of fun to do, and they did generate a fair amount of hits on YouTube (as of writing this, most of them have more hits than the second trailer for Another Star), so it would make sense to continue the series.

But I’m not sure I’ll try to do them on a weekly basis again. Maybe every other week? We’ll have to see.