Alas, Poor Update, I Knew You Well

My rich younger brother bought a new Intuos for reasons I do not comprehend and gave me his old one. This is nice and all, but having used my tiny 6×4 Graphire. Problem is, thanks to the size change, my work flow has been completely thrown off. It’s hard to explain, but basically I can’t judge the distance between objects on screen anymore. I’ll be looking at something, but I can’t tell how far or at what angle I need to move the pen in order to undertake what I’m trying to do.

Finally, I gave up for the time being and thought “Well, maybe I can plug my Graphire back in so I can finish off today’s page?” I tried this, and all I managed to do was crash my computer. :/

Guess I’ll just have to keep practicing with the Intuos so I can get the page up next week.